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Center of the Cyclone

With new Afterwords by Lee Perry and Adam Trombly.

Center of the Cyclone
"John Lilly has been one of the most original and fascinating scientists of our time."
- Washington Post
"John Lilly is a gifted explorer, and the territory he is working contains the enormous riches of a greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the natural universe."
The New York Times
"John Lilly is a rare combination of scientist and mystic who helps the rest of us break out of the petty orthodoxies that obscure the riches of life from womb to tomb."
Psychology Today
"People who knew John Lilly personally, or even just his work, seem to arrive at one of two conclusions: he was either brilliant or crazy. While there is plenty of evidence to support either of these conclusions, it's likely that they are both wrong. Or both are right. Or they are both wrong and right. Or neither is wrong nor right. Or ...."
Christopher Ryan

Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

The first unabridged printing in 25 years.

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"John Lilly's Programming and Metaprogramming in The Human Biocomputer
is one of the three most important ideas of the 20th Century."
- Timothy Leary

Galactian Cyclops Crystal

(If found, burn this book.)

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The Galactian Cyclops Crystal is nothing you were quite expecting -- yet by the end, will feel like everything you really wanted -- unconventional, hilarious, and moving. This book exudes a radical, cutting style, and paints beautiful exciting scenes at every possible turn. With mystickal and consequential currents bubbling just beneath the surface, The Galactian Cyclops Crystal offers relevant, new perspectives on our present and troubled times.

Letters from the Void

63 pieces of prose and poetry inspired by sensory deprivation.

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The pieces in the book include fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose, illustrated by Portland artists who also float. They contain passages that traverse the landscapes of humor, sadness, warmth, and hope.

Flavors from the Void

25 recipes inspired by sensory deprivation.

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Over the course of several months, a group of chefs from Portland spent six hours in float tanks. During their time in sensory isolation, they developed and refined recipes for a dish or a drink. Inside are the 21 recipes created from their experiences.

Artwork from the Void

150 pieces inspired by time spent in float tanks.

"There are few things that can improve someone's life quite like being introduced to floating, and this book is perfect for that."
- Ian McIntosh
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